How to get rid of Error code: -6190, -1005 or -6189, -1005?

QuickBooks is extensively used by organizations to keep record of their financial transactions. And any problems in the application can lead to serious problems for the organization. Sometimes one may encounter Error code: -6190, -1005 or -6189, -1005 that can cause problems for the user as he cannot access or open the files stored in the application.

The error message appears when you try to open a company file in QuickBooks. Such a situation is encountered when you try to open the file in a version that is older than the version that was used to open the file previously. This implies that there is no read or write permission for the file under the folder in which the file has been saved. Thus, the computer does not have the permission to open the file.


If the Error code: -6190, -1005 or -6189, -1005 is being caused because of difference in the versions of QuickBooks that have been used for opening the file then you can fix the error with the steps given below:

  • Find out the version in which the company file was created.
  • Now click on the QuickBooks tab to find out the version last Archived with or opened with.
  • If you cannot find out the version then try to open the file in a new version of QuickBooks.
  • To restore the company file you need to follow the steps given below:

    • Select Open or Restore from the File Menu.
    • Open a company file to select Next at the bottom of the Window.
    • In the Company file menu browse the file.
    • Select the file and click Open.

The aforementioned steps would surely resolve the error. However, if the error is not fixed then you need to use a reliable third party QuickBooks data recovery tool that can efficiently and effectively recover and restore the entire data stored in the application and also make all the inaccessible files accessible.