Repair & Recover Lost, Corrupt Quickbooks Data

What is QuickBooks and in which field is it used?

Discuss the reason for data damage in QuickBooks?

Is QuickBooks data recovery software able to recover the lost data?

QuickBooks is an accounting tool for those who run small business assistance to organize their financial bookkeeping. It is very useful in the terms of financial statement preparation with invoice facility. It also includes expense tracking when you are not eligible or you have lose your any financial or company files.

The company files are most important with the view of their growing needs. There are lots of financial experts that has own business assistance and they never want to lose their companies data at any cost but they are unable to do that because if it happens to them then they have no solution to recover their data. The general reason of being damaged quickbooks data file goes to either physically or logically. There may be two types of extension name called .QBW (QuickBooks company file) and .QBB (QuickBooks Backup file).


QuickBooks Data Recovery software helps to repair corrupted MS-Office file like Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Dbase, FoxPro and also repair all types of image files. When you open the companies file in multi-user mode there are some errors like "you are trying to work with a company file located on another computer, and this copy of QuickBooks can't reach the server on that computer". For that you can use QuickBooks Data Recovery Software to recover lost, missing, damaged and formatted drives problem forever and restore lost data.

Most popular QuickBooks errors:

  • Error -61930, -82 when unable to open file on server
  • "Connection has been lost error"
  • Error "Data lost integrity" while backing up
  • Error -6390, -83: "QuickBooks was unable to open the company file"


Apart from these above errors, most of the QuickBooks users are unable to recover .qbb files due to unaware of how to fill the File Header at the time of recovery. It is not a major but common QuickBooks error that users always face. Indeed, QuickBooks Data Recovery software have ability to solve your all problem that are related to your business data. If you use this software then it will help you a lot to recover your data effectively in case of the missing data by anyways.

If you really don't want to get any hindrance in your ways and want to be secure from any contiguous events then you can use QuickBooks Data Recovery software. This software has powerful algorithm that performs advanced scanning of the hard disk and finally recovers the lost data.

User Guide: How to Use Software

Following steps lets you know how to use QuickBooks recovery software- First if you need download Stellar phoenix QuickBooks recovery, on executing the program after it is installed main window appears.

Guidelines on how to repair Quickbooks qbw file

  • STEP 1:- Opening the file for repair or recovery in the application main window. For this you can either click the select file option or find it from the list box of selected drive.

    When ‘select file button’ is clicked on, open dialog box is displayed. You need to browse to destination and choose QBW file for repair. For making the file path appear in ‘selected file path’ ‘open’ button is clicked on.


  • In the second situation, you are required to check mark ‘search subfolders’ option Then ‘search file’ button is to clicked’ following this all .qbw files can be seen in the table. Select the file by clicking it once, this will show chosen file’s path in ‘selected file path’ box

  • STEP 2:- ‘Scan file’ button present at bottom is then clicked upon. After some time you will find that the window closes itself, this indicates completion of scan. Upon this preview window displays recoverable customer, employee, company, vendor, item, services, and chart of account. For detail on specific set of data, say company, click on ‘company button’ which will show dialog box of ‘company information’ and this applies for any set of record to be viewed and closed after that.

  • STEP 3:- Next comes the process of repairing and saving data to a new file, for this you have to do the following- A new QuickBooks QBW file is to be created in the application Open the file and it has to keep opened while repair work is carried out You also need to set preferences for the new file

  • After the above has been done, click on repair button to start the process and by browsing through the window select the new file created for saving data.

  • To start repair work click the ‘OK ‘option, confirm for access and running settings asked and clicking on continue and done button proceeds with repairing. Soon you will receive a message saying ‘repair process completed’ and data can be accessed from the new file.